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My compositional goal is to bring new music to the alternative styles realm of string playing for school orchestras! Click on the titles below to listen or purchase selections. Thanks for your interest!

Johns Creek Jump will really get your audience tapping their feet! This Cab Calloway style up-tempo blues gives your string players a chance to sink their bows into an authentic jump groove. It is very playable for medium groups only straying from first position for solos. The texture allows for rhythmic interplay between sections that is easier to play than it sounds. This exciting tune includes a section for solos or soli - including backgrounds in all parts. The students may improvise solos or play the ones that are included. This arrangement includes piano and drum set parts to complete the set. Get on your dancing shoes and jump the night away…
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Atlanta, Georgia
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La Flor De Baile (Level 2)
(The Flower of Dance)
This fun latin tune for string orchestra, piano, and bongo hints of a lovely spring festival in Old Mexico. The tune begins with a Spanish flavored rhythm that leads to a pretty, syncopated melody. The composition features homogeneous bowings in the upper strings and similar figures throughout in the bass and cello. The piece alternates between G Major and E minor. No parts go beyond 1st position, although violin I is required to play low 1 ‘D#.' La Flor De Baile is a great introduction to alternative styles or for international programs for developing groups. Enjoy the trip South of the Border with this very playable piece.
Big Chicken Mambo (Level 3)
This exciting latin tune for string orchestra and rhythm section is named for a famous Marietta, Georgia landmark near Dickerson Middle School - a giant chicken structure that houses a fried chicken restaurant. The tune begins with a short, pretty violin solo with piano accompaniment and then explodes into a mambo groove. Big Chicken features fun melodies in all parts and an authentic montuno in the piano part to go along with the driving drumset. The Big Chicken Mambo is a great alternative styles tune for intermediate groups. The piece is in G Major and no parts go beyond 1st position. It is a bit rhythmically challenging, but a lot of excitement is packed into this very playable tune. The middle of the tune also features space for a drum solo with an opportunity to let students get creative with percussion instruments before returning to the melody. Have fun, but wipe the grease from your fingers when you're finished!
This beautiful samba for string orchestra and rhythm section is reminiscent of the warm breezes that waft across Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro. The tune begins with a soothing samba groove that gives way to an infectious melody. There is ample opportunity to work on phrasing and elevated musicality. Rio Breezes features challenging rhythms in all parts and is a great platform for teaching 16th note subdivisions. This is a great alternative styles tune for medium to medium/advanced groups. The piece is in D minor and most parts stay within 3rd position. At the end of the tune there are few spots where the violins have ‘E6,’ but it is doubled 8vb. Enjoy the Carnival anytime of year with Rio Breezes. .
Available from "Alfred Music Publishers"
Tchefuncte Shuffle (Level 3.5)
Feel the relaxed energy of a hot afternoon while the gators bask on the banks of the Tchefuncte River in Louisiana! This swingin', feel-good jazz shuffle features a catchy melody over a Blues in G with a middle section reminiscent of Count Basie taking it home. Written-out solos for violin, viola and cello are included with backgrounds for all sections. Let the Good Times Roll!
Stringin' At The Juke Joint (Level 3.5)
This groovin' tune features a contagious riff-based melody over a bluesy background that harkens to Count Basie's Kansas City blues band or the the riff-filled juke joints of 1930s rural America. A section for solos or soli, including backgrounds in all parts, builds to a return of the melody, swingin' to the end. Perfect tune to feature swing-dancing students! Jump, Jive, and Strings...
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Rio Breezes (Level 4.5)
Johns Creek Jump (Level 3.5)